Functional CV – Key Components

A Functional CV is written such that your competencies, skills and expertise are highlighted, whereas a Chronological CV aims to provide an overview of your career history and a Targeted CV is written to highlight certain areas of or skills within your career. A Functional CV should cover your whole career to date and is generally two pages long.

You can modify a Functional CV for different employers, changing your Profile and the order in which you present your functional list. Do not try to omit any details of you employment history as this may lead to the reader not believing it and discarding your application.

The Profile

The profile is a key section of the Functional CV and you should refer to your background, highlighting specific skills and achievements and mention personal qualities. It’s the transferable skills you are trying to get across to the reader.

Key Skills, Competencies & Expertise

The Functional CV presents your range of abilities in a generalised fashion, grouped beneath subheadings, starting with the most important. The functions are presented as bullet points.

If you feel there is benefit in including particular achievements they should be presented in such a way that the reader can see how the skill or ability can be carried over to the required role and not just aspects of experience in a particular job.

It is a generally suggestion that you should not include previous employers by name. This means that you can include any voluntary or unpaid work. You can also include skills that you are currently developing including training in an area, or educational courses.


This is a relatively short section of the Functional CV where you should include a list of employers including dates but with no other information. Dates provided should be for the period of time spent with an employer, but also for periods spent in particular roles during that time. This is so promotion becomes visible in the CV.


Academic and professional qualifications are included without going in to detail.

Personal Details & Interests

Include brief outlines of Personal Details and Interests.


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