10 Interview Don’ts

6a00d8345275cf69e20105365bcf23970b-800wiThe majority of these interview don’ts may seem very simple but it’s amazing how often they are broken to the detriment of the interviewee. So don’t:

1. Turn up late

Clearly an obvious statement but it happens. Ensure you leave plenty of scope in your planning so as you are on time and ready for interview start. I’d rather be sat in the car for an hour before the interview start time than be 5 minutes late. If the worst happens and you are going to be late ring ahead to inform why this is the case. You may have to do some talking to turn the situation round so be ready for it. 

2. Leave your mobile phone on

Another obvious one really so please do it. The last thing you need mid-way through an interview is your ring tone of “I’m too sexy for this shirt” interrupting proceedings.

3. Dress inappropriately

Dressing inappropriately can work both ways in that you should ensure you don’t under or over dress for the interview. For a professional position you will want to wear a suit. However, if you’re interviewing for a more casual role dress accordingly in smart yet casual clothing.

4. Have an “I know it all” attitude

There can be a fine line between coming across as knowledgeable and coming across as cocky. Be knowledgeable yet humble in your approach. By all means tell how great you are and why you feel you’ll be an asset to their organisation but beware not to put the interviewer on the back foot in your approach.

5. Be a blank canvas

Engage with the interviewer. The interview will be over very quick if you appear to have no personality and give the answers to the asked questions and offer no more. Don’t just end up being passive participant in your interview. Also at the end (generally) if you have the opportunity to ask questions don’t stay silent; ask at least one question. It’s best to come prepared with a couple questions to ask

6. Slouch

Slouching or sitting in too relaxed a position can make you look bored and uninterested. The same might be said for crossing your arms and legs.

7. Oversell

Overselling can come across as desperate and possibly self-centred. Interviewers are doing a number of interviews and will appreciate when an interviewee adequately answers the questions without taking all day.

8. Bad mouth your previous employers.

Employers expect loyalty from their employees. If you didn’t enjoy your last experience just go on to say you’re looking for a new challenge where you can utilise your learnt skills and experience. If an interviewer hears you saying things about your previous employer they may think you would do the same to them.

9. Waffle

Similar to overselling the interviewer is likely to ask you questions that lead to you giving them information about your knowledge, experiences or skills so don’t go on and about trivial details in your answer. Give clear concise and informative answer but do try to put your personality in to it.

10. Bring up salary

Salary and benefits package can be discuss at a later date, either directly with the employer or through the recruitment agency generally after an offer has been made. Do ensure you have an idea of the “going rate” in case the interviewer brings this subject and don’t be afraid if the interviewer makes an offer to ask for time to think it over.

The points above are just some of the things to avoid during an interview. Try to put yourself in the interviewer’s position and think what you would want from an interviewee and remember it’s only a conversation between 2 or more people.


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